Have Reformed Today !!!

Hello, i have reformed today, after a game i didnt recieve the " your not eligible..." message, i played another game and earned an S with a champ and got a box.I did had a 10 games chat restriction for flaming 1 week ago ( did all the 10 chat restricted games in 1 day ), i did not insulted but i did write a big part of the game and that's considered flaming for the Automatic Ban System.I got it, i'm not a new player, i play since beta with short and big pauses, but sometimes the system changes and now from what i understood it's automatic, fact that in some way i think it's good, but in some i think it's not.It's good i think because there are allot of players and it's hard to keep track of all the flamers, etc, but it makes mistakes because it cannot interpretate like a human...What did i understood from this...Use the chat only for 2, 3, 4, 5 max messages per match, not spamming, insulting, flaming, blaming and stuff, rest use the pings, it's true when you find a team that has a good chemestry with you and you with them, you don't need the chat, just pings...There are allot of toxic people out there and in all games and banning and restrincting them is the only solution..Only problem pay more attention on what the system is banning...Like all systems it has and will do mistakes and ban and restrict good people and polite and educated from recieving loot. For all out there with chat restrict and ban, it's true, it's working, it automaticly unlocks when you are reformed..Just play and enjoy the game, forget other's..Good games, good luck.
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