Competitive gaming and dysfunctional teamplayers

I have spent many a year playing League of Legends now, and have always enjoyed that they are looking for improvements and updates, and also introducing new characters. One thing I do not understand though, is their refusal to take further steps to help people that want to play the game more competitively (aka ranked) and actually sort out an addition or change to the current system. In my opinion it is not feasible that 1 person is fully able to destroy the gameplay (and the positivity of playing online with other people) and that there is no possibility to "fix it" other than having to surrender, trying to fight as 4v5, or the likes. Has anyone seen any updates regarding any implementations regarding such? Or is it maybe time that we come together as a community and highlight this Again to ensure Riot looks into it? Perhaps we even have some suggestions and ideas to help them get started..? I'll start with 1 of my ideas: being able to report AFK/trolling while in game, and have the chance to have another player join instead. (same char, same teams etc) Anyone else have some good ideas to share on how we can improve the game? šŸ˜Š
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