Guess what happened to me!

NO SURPRISE, Chat ban but this time it made absolutely no sense. Lately, I've started to always just join premade games to avoid all the toxicity from people and negativety and all that good stuff that makes league what it is now. So I join with two premades and two randoms. I did what everyone tells me, "See a toxic player? Mute him". And That's what I always do. So I always just mute these two randoms and just keep chatting with my two premades. I don't know what this tribunal sees but how the hell do you report me for talking to my friends. Calling my friends Noobs and they call me a noob back. It's just a joke. Even in solo queue I've taken the time to mute every single toxic player I ever get matched up with. It never helps because for some reason Tribunal does whatever the hell it wants. Of all the good games I have, the minute I have a bad game with a negative score they feel the need to punish me. Now I have to play in the god forsaken draft normal games. Summarized: Why do I get punished with private chats in-game with friends? Why do I get punished for having a single bad game? If you check all the other games my scores are GREAT with [Defeat] next to it.
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