Dear, Riot Games and everyone else. If you are reading this and you are an rioter I hope you share my thoughts with your coworkers and start addressing this problem. As you all in the League Of Legends community know League Of Legends is one of the biggest online games and game with the most players playing daily. Which makes it allot harder to keep track of toxic behaviour in this game. I understand that Riot are doing what seems like their best addressing this problem but if so be that case im afraid that their best isnt good enough. In more than 70% of all my games there are always someone or some allies or enemies flamming you, trolling you, going afk etc and it feels like in my opinion that the percentage of games that people are toxic in is rising with time. Mean while people getting more saltier Riot deciedes to "remove" Tribunal. Tribunal! The first actuall thing that actually worked or atleast lowered percentage of games were someone flamed, trolled etc. That was some years ago! They actually removed something that atleast helped and Riot can easily see that there been a huge increase of toxic players after the removal of Tribunal but even though the problem is rising becuase of removing Tribunal and much more Riot is still not bringing it back or atleast replacing it with something better. Riot this problem you are having with your toxic community sounds like a almost impossible problem to solve. Easily said there is to many of us and to few of you, you arent enough of people to be able to watch over all of your active players. That make it up to us! The community to solve this problem however Riot is not giving us the chance to do so as much as we used to be able to do after the removal of Tribunal. Riot you cant do this alone you need us "the community" to take a step forward and by so leave this negattive community. Dont be foolish let us help you!
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