Toxic Behavior/Chat Restriction

Yes i do know that i can mute everyone Yes i do know that i dont have to talk back. Game 1 In-Game Me: look hp!!! Me: come kill %%%%%% Me: dude you are trash! Me: wtf are you doing?? Me: free kill Me: and then you steal it?!?!??! Me: lee to Me: top Me: ? Me: how it is my fault? ahahah Me: suck a %%%% noob Me: 0/3 stfu Me: Dont trust them Me: They blame me for feeding lol Me: Haven't said a word lol Me: hahahaha Me: Sure... Me: They should know that it's bannable to tell others to report. Me: Lets see what a report on them will end with. Me: i am Me: no need to %%%%ing aram Me: Holy %%%% they are cancerous to be on the same team with Me: Blaming everything on me and pinging me all the time. Me: Prob some EUNE russian scum trying to play west Me: They just want to aram. Let them. Me: stfu insel Me: %%% Me: go find a %%%%ing tree., Me: hang yourself. Me: 63 cs ADC talking shit btw. Me: It's not a murder if you kill yourself lol Me: It's called suicide ya dumb %%%% Me: Can you end this cancerous game so i can get away from these %%%%%%s? Me: %%%%ing 4 premades talking shit and pinging all the time., Me: League has become a shit show. Me: Please report my entire team. Me: Bunch of toxic germans. Me: maybe world war 3 will be the one? After reading this you are proberly thinking .. Hmm it's well deserved .. BUT imagine just wanting to play a normal casual game of everyones favorite game League of legends! You spawn in and head to lane! There you are farming away against a Kayle .. after a few min you get him to about 10% HP but you are at 20% ish yourself. Your jungler is close by so you ping him for assistance, he is after all pretty much full HP = free kill for one of you. His response? "lol it's kayle, we will die" i ofc call him a %%%%%% because he kept pinging me to to kill the kayle and their jugler that has just shown up. So 1v2 and my jungler wont help. I recall and tp in to fight the kayle, i get him to maaaybe 1% .. guess who flashes in to KS.. My jungle. This is 4-5min into the game and from then on .. i get pinged everytime someone on our team dies because hey! it's tops fault isn't it? My entire team is feeding except me, i am winning lane. They are ofc 4 premades so they start running it down my lane and telling the other team to report me for being toxic.. Do i deserve a chat restriction for talking back to 4 toxic morons? ofc not. Is this fair? Im my last 20 games ish, i have had people say "Heil Hitler" "%%%%%%" but.. guess what? They didnt get banned? They are still playing .. and yes i did check. This system is so broken.
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