Flex players in Ranked

This problem has been bothering me for a long time now. Since this season ranked got a new mode "Flex Queue" and we as a community have ruined it. After a few weeks, alot of my friends and I started to notice that some people saw Flex as a joke. A lot of people just don't care if they lose in Flex and give up way easier and I have no idea why. A few days ago I was in-game with a Vlad (plat this season) and he just didn't care because Flex is somehow a joke to him. I think that we somehow have to fix this because a lot of my games I can't win with the reason that I get people with this behaviour. If it was because people were just bad or troll I wouldn't have written this. If anyone could tell me a reason why Flex is such a joke to higher Elo player and a lot of lower people (mostly high elo players) {{item:2052}}
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