is this bannable

i was playing yesterday and i lost a game with some guy and didnt do that good in that game so i decided to play my famous teemo support (we won the game i did great early game) and he told me to end my life you know what 3 letters im talking about. and than since i know its bannable to say thoes 3 letters since my friend has been banned 3 times and chat restricted idk how many times but i told everybody to report him for saying those letters and i think i was wrongfully banned they just looked and saw that i said it twice but didnt look at the concept here is the chat log if you want to see it i will be writing for some things i remember tf saying and also i forgot to report him but i remember his name it is Game 1 Pre-Game toxic tf: omg we have a inter somebody dodge Grjóni G: who Grjóni G: xD Grjóni G: little devil beemo happy elf or badger toxic tf: teemo ky you know Grjóni G: why In-Game Grjóni G: please report the tf on my team Grjóni G: he told me to end my life Grjóni G: he said in champ select %%% to me for no reason Grjóni G: sry Grjóni G:%%% Grjóni G: sry Grjóni G: i didnt think it would kill me Grjóni G: k Grjóni G: gj Grjóni G: its good Grjóni G: and also Grjóni G: tfd Grjóni G: why report me Grjóni G: oh Grjóni G: ok Grjóni G: saying %%% is reportable enemy nautilus: report him than Grjóni G: will do Grjóni G: sry Grjóni G: cant Grjóni G: sry Grjóni G: killed ez Gr%%%i G: thats worth i think Grjóni G: walk in that bush Grjóni G: nice Grjóni G: bad support who Grjóni G: and we could have killed them if you didnt go b tf Grjóni G: but its ok Grjóni G: fk Grjóni G: if i would have gotten the q i could have killed him Grjóni G: scare him Grjóni G: pls Grjóni G: now Grjóni G: fk Grjóni G: the one in the bottom right corner Grjóni G: look at my score and my skin xD Grjóni G: fk Grjóni G: why Grjóni G: k Grjóni G: tito op Grjóni G: teemo support op Grjóni G: i inted hard Grjóni G: sry Grjóni G: SRYU Grjóni G: gg teemo support op but is this bannable im very salty cause i lost my acc for 14 days and something like that and i feel like i said nothing wrong there

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