Toxic and Greifing Players

I would like to report a player that flamed me and griefed me the whole game. We had an afk jg due to some internet connection issues. Now I tried to help bot lane and pinged to help but instead they stayed back to let me die as I tried to help and flamed me. After 2 years and a half with this game, and got muted for a while and reformed myself. I have gotten so much flame cause I tried to help other players. I finally got platinum but still I'm trying to grind but its really hard to have a good mental when players just grief and flame. League Of Legends is the only game I play because I love it. This game has been my life. I want to permamute anyone in game. Yes I can do /mute all but like its better if its automatically enabled as the game starts. And maybe an option to mute people in the lobby ? or the pregame ? It is better than having someone flaming you in the lobby cause they want to have the role you got.
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