I am not supposed to be given the possibility to use chat in game

Let's say you want to quit eating candy, is the best way to quit by having candy around at all time? Let's say you want to stop drinking alcohol would the best way to do so by having alcohol around you at all times? So when I am trying to reform why do I still have access to the chat? Because and I am just beaning honest now I can without a doubt be given by any consequences having the opportunity to access chat. You think that by giving me warnings our giving me chat restriction that I would reform under that short time? I bean short temped ever since I was a child, but now all of sudden after receiving warnings from an online game I will reform? The point is they are not doing anything to actually solve the problem, if you would give me the option to enable chat I would gladly do so! No you have to reform while you still have the chans to use chatt!
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