Bans handed out for elo boostees please.

So, I don't usually complain about shit teammates, but this was on another level. I don't care that we lost because I just promoted anyway - but I just had, by far, the worst teammate I have ever seen in my time playing league. I have been in every elo from bronze V to diamond 4, but this guy was on a whole nother level of weight. I don't use the term " 4v6 " lightly, but it is very appropriate in this term. I'm smurfing, on my silver account. Just finished promos to silver 2, and I go into another game. Goes really well, fed as fuck botlane as usual. Then I look top. Nasus is 0/4 at 10 minutes.. okay, no problem, I can carry him. I take a look at his farm. At 16 minutes, he has 30cs. Okay.... I guess that's fine? I can stall the game. At 20 minutes, he has 9 deaths. He goes toplane, while the entire team spam pings him to stop, he continues to farm and die to ekko. At this point everyone has releised he's free gold, so everyone starts camping him. Okay, MAYBE i can carry him and delay the game long enough for him to become strong... No. At -28 minutes- he has only 15 stacks. Yup, literally 15 stacks. He is a nasus main and he has 15 stacks at 28 minutes. At this point, I give up. The term " 4v6 " is not misused here. He didn't push anything, he didn't farm, he didn't defend anything, literally all he did the entire game was die to ekko. It would have, quite literally, been more beneficial if h e went afk. Nasus ended the game with 15 stacks ( he didn't stack a single minion since 27 minutes, game took 39 ). He had 2000 dmg dealt overall, and 500 dmg to champions. Yup, in a 40 mintue game, he had 2000 dmg overall, and 500 to champions. Now, if the rest of my team was smart we could have won, but I think Jax got pretty tilted by the nasus and died 24/7, leaving me, mf and lux to get dived midlane constantly. This raises the point, how did this guy get to silver 1? I see no legitimate way this guy got silver 1. Sure, there's bad games, but getting 15 stacks as a nasus main in a 27 minute game isn't a bad game, it isn't unlucky, it is pure lack of skill. That said, it is below the skill of a bronze V nasus players. This is pretty clearly an eloboosted account. He has no duo games ( I both checked his profile and asked him ) so he has gotten to silver 1 " by himself " , by playing like this. This is, the biggest, most flamboyant, obvious example of eloboosting i've ever seen, and this guy needs rewards stripped and a permenant ban.
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