Have you no shame nor guilt? (A post to hardcore flamers)

So today is Christmas day in my country (Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it today!), Serbia. And I thought I should go for a game, since I had some spare time and I find League the best time killer of them all. So I went for a game on my smurf. I went on to try and share all the great spirit I had (and I still have it, I swear). But as soon as we went into the game our Tristana went on to flame. The amount of flame is known to be huge in low levels, so I was not really paying attention to it, and that is not why I'm here. I'm here because that guy is the same nationality as me (and is celebrating the same holiday today), and he wrote some particular lines of flame that were just over the line, and I'm truly starting to think people have literally no shame. We all know that Christmas is the day Jesus was born (and that is how you greet people in Serbia, by telling them: 'Christ was born!', and they would reply: 'He sure was born!') and in my country this holiday is considered the greatest of them all. Not only in my country, also in Christianity in general. What he wrote to me was - 'I hope Jesus has intercourse with your mother'; 'F you and Jesus' (of course, I changed this up a bit to make it appropriate to the forums, it was way way worse. On top of it all he wrote it all in our native language before even knowing I can understand him. I tried my best to calm him down and let him know that it is just not okay to speak in such a way of God or anyone else on such an important holiday (ESPECIALLY when you are celebrating it). But after the game he just added me and went on with the same hate for both me, my family, my relatives, the holiday and everything he could get a hold of. I reported this behaviour, but the thing is, since he spoke in our native language, I don't know if Riot will punish him for that. So I'm going to send them a ticket with our chat logs from after the game and hope for the dude to be banned. And why I'm writing here is to try and keep the spirits up, no matter if you are celebrating Christmas or not, it is just not okay to speak with such hate ANY day, not only on holidays. It was just an extreme hate that should not have been shown.
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