People going afk

I am legit going mental from all the players who either run it down, keep begging for a forfeit or simply go AFK in every, single, round. It doesn't even matter to them if we're losing or winning if you babysit their lane or anything else. If the world doesn't rotate around their nihilistic little heads they can at the very least decide the fate of the entire game by two simple clicks. It kind of makes me feel like dodging and going AFK is just yet another quirk of playing this game, legit I have never seen something like this in any other game I've played so far {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} I think leaving the match directly or going AFK for too long should be punished much more severely than it is, though I am aware that people will often have some unexpected things come up in their lives where they will have to leave the game to take care of it, I sure as hecc have been in those situations a bunch of times. There are just way too many people who will just keep on leaving due to the fact that it is simply too easy and they essentially receive little to no penalty for it.
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