Hello Summoners and Rioters! In this thread I will be trying to cover many issues I feel RIOT either simply IGNORE or completely lack in understanding. (Toxic behaviour, forums etc) Feel free to voice any solutions or ideas you have on wanting to improve the LOL community and maybe even help to try and a voice to push to make a change to a community that seriously needs directing into a proactive and positive change. First some backstory to me. I am your average bloke that has always enjoyed competitive style game play from a young age , now 23 ;) I started playing LOL in 2012 and fell in love with the game in all aspects! its competitive style and edge to other games found me playing hours a day, with utter enjoyment and relish of improving! I met so many fun and wonderful players and interesting people along my journey from 1-30 and made some great IRL friends! so before I go into the negatives I WANT to point out I have had so many positives with playing this game, but unfortunately down to fact of neglect I feel the enjoyment factor of the game has turned into frustration and upset. - A main factor that has always overshadowed my enjoyment of the game is toxic behaviour and by toxic I don't mean your occasional troll, I mean disgusting behaviour that includes death threats, cancer jokes, and more disease and illness jokes which I find abhorrent being aloud to go unpunished. I understand no community/game is perfect and sadly will always have it's degenerate % of players that will happily log on to do one thing and make people upset and cyber troll, but one thing I don't understand is HOW/WHY Riot as a company do not see this as FRONT-LINE of concern.. in the years of playing I have actually seen a vast decline in action taken and even more people than ever get away with this disgusting behaviour. I feel as a player and someone who has invested money into game I don't play this game to be told to die of cancer or for my family to be hit by a car etc and then find out 2 days later that,that individual is still playing that account. I don't know of any other gaming company that doesn't take enough action on this matter and lets it still occur day in day out. there should be no 3 strikes out for this type of behaviour. it should be permanent ban and that is that. maybe then will the individual understand the consequence of his/her actions. To help this issue I have come up with a few Solutions, as a community we can only voice our opinions which is a shame as it's ultimately down to RIOT to make the changes. 1. Invest MONEY/TIME into creating a correct punishment system. YES invest MONEY, you are a massive company with a hell of a lot of capital and structure behind you! you are leading the competitive gaming scene and have a current player base of 100 million, so could easily invest a good chunk of money into a better system or even innovating the community on all regions to rid the lackadaisical aspect of lack of punishment. 2. You have so many careers and jobs going for the background aspects of the game, yet I do not see many as regards to Player Support or even Player Mods! you pay millions across the board for careers in your game yet I very rarely see many rioters replying as Player Support or Player Moderation - Why not invent a new job title and inspire people to formulate and create a better community a strong community with this job role. I know myself I would happily sit and moderate games for many hours a day on multiple computers covering multiple games and monitoring any toxic behaviour knowing I would be making a difference to someones day If i helped reduce the level of toxic behaviour if the players knew there was a "Player Behaviour moderator" watching the games. - My next point is the Player Support Ticket system.. I honestly find once again that, that area of the game/website has been pushed to one corner. and been left like a dusty vase on a mantle piece! we don't want to wait 5 days for our ticket to finally be processed and opened, because by then the issue has either become invalid or the person has just given up trying. 1.why not set up a call centre somewhere - again creating more employment, yet helping players out in a efficient and effective manner! have a PLAYER Support Contact number or something! or once again get a idea from the community! I feel as a company you don't listen enough to the people that play this game in day in day out - battle the frustrations day in day out! 2. Maybe also get your research team or Forums mods to do some Market research once in a while of what the community would like to see improved, don't just shove a definitive decision down there throats! give the player-base some kind of a exciting chance to feel like THEY are making some kind of a difference to help improve the game :) Just a thought from a concerned summoner! Kind Regards all George
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