Really toxic and awful smurf player.

SoloQ without mic and neither viewers
TheGordeteSlayer - SoloQ without mic and neither viewers - League of Legends - Twitch
I just had a ranked game with a player named "Wulu Jason", playing as Lee Sin, claiming to be an smurf from Platinum 3, all the game and things happened are recorded and can be seen in this Twitch video: Basically, he had a bad play in the enemy jungler, he started spam-pìnging me already and started talking in a bad way to me, then I proceeded to mute him, lately, he had another bad and greedy play which gave my laner such an advantage over me, after that, he simply walked up to my lane and suicided under tower, giving my lane enemy more advantage. It's then when he started following me when he could and stealing all my CS, smiting the cannons and all that stuff. Also, in the end-game screen chat, he was really toxic towards me, I paste the chat here: Wulu Jason 7GENE : sure u can say im inting and trolling Wulu Jason 7GENE : maybe i am Wulu Jason 7GENE : but who has better stats? itzIzu left the lobby yoli77 left the lobby I LOVE kalista left the lobby TheGordeteSlayer LTR<3 : You literally walked up to top and suicided TheGordeteSlayer LTR<3 : Under tower TheGordeteSlayer LTR<3 : what Wulu Jason 7GENE : ask riot to permaban me then horrible lee left the lobby Wulu Jason 7GENE : im 79 so i wont be banned noob Stylex3D left the lobby TheGordeteSlayer LTR<3 : You will see Wulu Jason 7GENE : u look like the one who is inting more than me clasturm left the lobby Agloute left the lobby Wulu Jason 7GENE : :) Wulu Jason 7GENE : noob shit TheGordeteSlayer LTR<3 : Keep going DaguCoptero left the lobby TheGordeteSlayer LTR<3 : Thats more reasons for a permaban Wulu Jason 7GENE : i will enjoy my report and i dun give a fk Wulu Jason 7GENE : coz its my smurfing acc TheGordeteSlayer LTR<3 : Wont be only a report Wulu Jason 7GENE : ya Wulu Jason 7GENE : go for it TheGordeteSlayer LTR<3 : Yep and I know the name of your main TheGordeteSlayer LTR<3 : rip Wulu Jason 7GENE : u kew it Wulu Jason 7GENE : :) Wulu Jason 7GENE : ya Wulu Jason 7GENE : go for it Wulu Jason 7GENE : im waiting TheGordeteSlayer LTR<3 : I will, dw Wulu Jason 7GENE : silver scrub The player is playing on a smurf account, but he said the name of his actual main account, I believe its "**burnellgsjr**". Here's his OP.GG: I think this player deserves a ban, at least of 14 days so he stops going to his smurfs and ruin the game experience of players that dont deserve that kind of people in their games. I will post this on the forums so if more people encounter him, have the opportunity of reporting or doing as they wish with this info.
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