how is this a 14 day ban

How is this a ban. people keep flaming me and i flame back and i report them and they dont get banned. Why? the only bad thing i said was ur shiet or dont feed. they say im a useless jngler and ect.... keep in mind they were flaming me thats why i flame back, yet i got banned. Game 1 randE420: pls randE420: bad idea u start w randE420: just let me get too lvl 6 randE420: and i will gank more randE420: pls safe randE420: really randE420: im done randE420: well she was the one closest randE420: cus she live with 1 hp randE420: ye its lost randE420: well i almost got leona randE420: 0-3 randE420: wp randE420: lets fvcf randE420: ff randE420: dont play yasuo randE420: ok 0-3 randE420: every lane is losing randE420: i cant gank randE420: cus u guys have no dmg randE420: and just pushes randE420: this lee actually gets ganks cus u guys push randE420: ur so shiet randE420: lmao randE420: how can u die from that randE420: im not randE420: gonna gank u randE420: cus if i do randE420: i get killed randE420: pls report my team randE420: all flame me when they are the feeding ones D randE420: 1.4 supp randE420: 0-2 adc randE420: 1-4 mid randE420: wp randE420: lol u just push randE420: how am i suppose to gank a lane that pushes 24/7 randE420: are u shiet ?= randE420: can we fkn surr randE420: fkn surr randE420: why are u shit randE420: see this yasup ? randE420: just goes in 3v1 without vision randE420: WHY randE420: THYE ARE OGNNA KIL LME TOO randE420: %%%iNG HELL randE420: SURR randE420: i cant be asked with this tema randE420: so sad randE420: so sad randE420: best team as well randE420: best top randE420: best mid randE420: best bot randE420: 0/4= randE420: ok 0-2 randE420: im gonna report this top for feee randE420: im gonna report yasuo for feed randE420: as usual randE420: u only get kills cus people push like idiots randE420: i ping them to bnack randE420: ur lee sin randE420: ur better thabn me earl randE420: they just keep puyshing randE420: like how many times did yasuo die by ur stupid ganks randE420: they dont learn randE420: i tried early tho randE420: now its lost randE420: lool randE420: so funny randE420: and they flame me for troll randE420: yasuop and garen inting randE420: gg wp randE420: gg wp report mid and bot for feed randE420: and top randE420: better team wins randE420: how am i useless
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