Solution to flame, vote to restrict chat

Hi guys, we have ALL been there....teammates which CONSTANTLY flame and blame and trashtalk with excuses and whatever...those guys writing more than playing... i just had a game, where our bot lane flamed each other constantly, they fight and fight, lose every fight more and more, but constantly flame and blame each other for it. "you did this wrong, you failed this" "adc sucks impossible to win fight", we all knew, just STOP fight...especially each other... but they didn´t stop! someone hinted, yo, mute and play, focus on game...but no! adc afk in base, "this support fail my lane"blablabla... we couldn´t do anything and in the end, we lost the game 3on5 because both afk, trolled or wrote... _**SOLUTION!!!**_ why not add a feature, like the surrender vote, to MUTE a player, but not for yourself, this player isn´t allowed to talk anymore. remove his chat completly. Like a barkeeper telling you, mate, you got enough for today. 3player vote, this cait shouldn´t talk anymore. boom. muted. she can´t write anymore, chat disabled now she can only play!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} yes, this would only work in sol/duo ranked. but would win me 2times more games which means 100% winrate which means lcs! :D
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