My humble suggestion for improving player experience.

Main problem of the league right now is that in many cases players trolling or inting escape unpunished, so I have a small suggestion for open discussion: - I understand there are a lot of reports and the automated system has little effect on the trolling and inting reports and it's hard to review them one by one so I think for feeding / inting reports they could bring back an improved version of the tribunal: - The tribunal should be available only for honorable players, to motivate others to improve their behavior in order to access this feature. - Higher rank players would judge the evidence. The difference of ranks between the reported player and the ones judging it shouldn't be too big, for example a diamond player would consider inting almost every move made by a bronze player. - Since the tribunal would be accessible only for honorable players it could give some rewards consisting in anything Riot decide - this would encourage even more players to become honorable and access the feature, who doesn't love rewards .. even in small measures. - Since the amount of reports is so big, and not nearly enough punishments are issued by Riot's staff, The tribunal could be a very good way of helping Riot's staff in verifying the reports and solve more cases. ** The current system wouldn't be replaced, it would work hand in hand with The tribunal and it should look like this: The easiest cases with the obvious trolls and inters would be solved by the automated system. The automated system would also filter obvious fake reports. What remains should be sent to the tribunal for reviewing. With a required decision rate close to 90% in order for the case to be solved. (9/10 judges voting the same .. Rate could be changed and adjusted) The rest of the cases, harder ones in which judges couldn't have an unanimous vote, could be sent to riot's staff for reviewing.
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