We Need A Talk

Ok. Why ban flamers? You can mute chat. You can ignore them. You can mute chat. Again, you can mute chat. Why not ban the source of the problem (instigators, griefers, feeders, trolls etc.)? You can't just mute them. You can't just stop them. You can't just turn them off. You can't just mute them. You can't just stop them. Again, you can't stop them. Is it just me or does anyone else see a huge flaw with this system that no one is talking about? I mean, come on Riot? You talk about "far below the communities standards" and it's like. Well, if I don't meet their communication standards THEN MUTE ME. If someone doesn't meet my playing standards? I just what? Have to deal with the loss and pretend I'm happy with it? Nah, man. I'm %%%%ing sick of hiding how I feel about things. For the past few years I have been so depressed and I'm finally starting to enjoy things I only had memories of enjoying. Yet, here I am, battling with my own mind everyday because I seriously can not understand what the %%%% Riot is trying to do with such a system?
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