A little story about why it's better to be nice instead of being Toxic

Little backstory. So I am currently really tilted. I am a Riven onetrick who lost D2 promo 7 times last season and had a 58% winrate over 250+ games. Before you say what i just wrote is me bragging, hear me out. This season i have a 49% winrate on Riven in D4 (135 games). Which is really demotivating for someone who has the goal of reaching Master Tier since 2 Years. It is especailly frustrating because people flame me alot for it. "how can you have negative winrate on your main champion?" To fix that I decided to only play Riven to fix my negative winrate and focus on improving on her. However ... Turns out Riven gets banned ALOT since she currently is really strong. Currently I am -61Lp In D4. I dodged a total amount of 11 times in the last 12 hours and only got to play 2 Riven games which I both lost. I had to wait a total of 4 hours, since after you dodge the first time you have to wait 30 minutes to play the next game. Now you maybe wonder what this post is even about. Well after doding 3 of those 11 times I got so tilted everytime I saw someone banning or picking riven on enemy team that I trollpicked blitz top with smite tp, so maybe one of my teammates dodges. But you guessed it..... Noone ever dodged, so I dodged 7 more times since I didn't actually want to troll, I just hoped they would dodge. So then I tried it the "nice" way. After those 10 dodges, I was obviously really upset. The next 3 champion selects in a row it happend again. Riven got banned, but this time I begged someone of my team to dodge for me because If i have to dodge again I am -61LP. I told them that If they don't dodge, I dodge 100%. Since it's not their fault that I am a Riven onetrick. It will maybe surprise you. But the first 2 times someone actually dodged for me after i asked them nicely (almost desperately) The third time they told me to shut up so I ended up dodging ... which was 15 minutes ago so i am currently waiting my 30 minutes xD So of the 7 times I trollpicked in champion select, nobody dodged and I ended up dodging those 7 times. Of the 3 times I asked my team nicely to dodge for me, 2 times someone dodged. So yea, for me atleast it's proof that the nice way is the better way. Maybe this Information is helpful to you aswell if you are a onetrick of a champion that is getting banned alot currently. Wish me luck to Fix my LP + winrate xD ... I need it x.x Just kidding. Have a nice day everyone. Sorry for my bad english. Ty for reading. Stay Positive {{champion:99}} EDIT: So I just went in another champion select. Riven got banned again but someone dodged for me again. So now it's 3/4 times someone dodged for me after I asked nicely. So here A big thank you to those 3 people who dodged for me.
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