The reporting system needs some help, from players.

League has pristine aestethics, cosmetics and whatnot, but what about the reporting system, 2 are working flawlessly, but the rest are debatable. **Anti-flaming system** : works as intended, the system can detect keywords and smash with deserved bans **Anti-leaver system** : leaverbuster works well, easy to detect a leaver 5 min+ afk. BUT, the most important aspect of the report system is at the bottom of the abyss. **Anti-Troll** : The system CANNOT judge a player that is BANNING your PICK and HIJACK your ROLE just to cause trouble and to get the most negative reactions out of yourself (flaming, boom, you're the one banned, not him) **Anti-Intentional Feeding** : Riot oftenly says (it's just a bad day), definitely, most of the cases are false reports, since most of the players categorize a negative KD as "inting" which is not. But what about those players running down mid, without any secondary actions and finishing the game at 0/15/0 ? The cases are rare, but they do exist and sadly they barely get punished? ( do you wonder how i know this info? Well yeah, tracking OP.GG profiles is not rocket science). **Anti-Griefing** : Once again, the system cannot judge a griefer, that is stealing CS, selling core items to get the opposite outcome (IE Janna or Rabaddon Talon). I really wish the tribunal to be brought back, and let high-rank players have a word to say towards these 3 flawed systems, the flaming and leaving CAN be handled by an automated system, the rest cannot.
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