Why do I keep getting players who feed a lot in my ranked teams? How can I carry better? [No names]

Let me elaborate on this title a bit more: I do not intend to be a crybaby here or anything, and I have fed many times in my life myself, but sporadically. However, I do believe that I get matched up with players who feed on a regular basis when joining ranked games way more often than with players who don't feed. Usually it all happens on the bottom lane, too. Take a recent match of mine for example. (I'm currently Bronze 1 btw, I know, not the best, but could be worse, right?) I was top as Mordekaiser{{champion:82}} and did pretty well against Fiora, I denied her farm and stuff and she ended up getting left behind. I was also able to deflect two or three ganks and was at about 6 or 7 kills when I first died, I don't remember exactly. At the same time, my jungler did nothing (we ended the game having zero drakes and the only thing we had killed was the Rift Herald after I constantly asked my jungler for help against it), almost never ganked me (but didn't gank bot and mid frequently to make up for it either), etc. My mid lane did better, but didn't push the lane AT ALL. They simply didn't attack turrets, ever, even though I reminded 'em to go for objectives. And now for the good part, my bottom lane. These guys were a duo of Lux and Tristana. And especially the latter cost us the game. At first they didn't do much in terms of pushing or killing, so I thought "OK, these guys aren't the best but at least they are trying so bot is kinda safe". Boy, was I wrong. They started feeding and feeding and feeding and Lux had very few assists and many deaths and Tristana had picked Teleport as a spell (that says a lot imo) and had fed Jhin so much as well. All her kills took place at the end of the game and they were stolen kills - not that I mind KS, she needed some kills anyway and we are talking about a team game here, but I'm just trying to say that she lacked skill and, at that time, the power to kill an enemy herself. And imagine that in the pre-match chat she would tell me about how I would lose to Fiora because she is "pure cancer" (excuse me for this phrase, I am simply quoting). Anyway, I had a very good score at the time and tried to get them together, tell them what to do and I tried my best to carry as much as possible, even though I had to give up Top because of that (I had to defend the other lanes which were being splitpushed heavily). Long story short, we lost the game through Mid (their team had 2 drakes or something so it was obvious we would lose but I still tried my best to help, e.g. by Ulting enemy champs who were about to kill my team or something so that the latter could flee safely). My deaths started piling up but it was the best I could do when my entire team would die during the teamfight and I would be left alone with 5 enemies (out of which I usually managed to kill one or maybe two, blessed be my passive). I had an average CS cause I wasn't able to farm a lot since all I did was switch from lane to lane trying to defend the turrets from the enemies but I still had accumulated a lot of gold (I think the most gold in the match, actually). But it turns out I wasn't able to carry. My final score ended up being 18/7/8. I will also have to admit to flaming a bit, especially against Tristana in the late game. I know I am not supposed to do that but I just couldn't help it (I promise that I am working on that though...). I wanted everyone to get along and everyone to push together and she simply would always go solo in a different lane and just die at the hands of two enemy champs. Lux also wasn't a great help and dealt only a little damage (though her CC was helpful) but at least she was obviously trying and also she was VERY friendly throughout the match. Tristana? Not so much. She managed to deal little to no damage, her positioning was... well... atrocious, and she was even being toxic and cocky about how we should surrender and about how this (ranked!) match didn't matter. My point is that I get the feeling that I am matched with such people more frequently than others. I know Riot is hard at work striving for a pure 50% winrate matching system but feel like my winrate would be between 40% and 45% because of my teammates, most of the time. Now, as I have stated above, I am not the next Faker myself and have fed many a time in League, but I usually don't perform as bad as e.g. this Tristana. I also get the feeling that the enemy team usually has better players because they are at the same or higher ranks than us and the respective enemy laners in the other lanes, most notably Bot, usually win the lane. I haven't checked about the ranks of our opponents this time, will do and update accordingly though. So I need your insights: Do you think I am exaggerating (if yes please do free to tell me so) and also is there something I could have done to carry more efficiently in such a situation? Thanks in advance for your answers and for reading this rather tedious (I'm afraid) wall of text! Best regards and GLHF, Xplosion101
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