Should i be chat restricted for this...

i have been chat-restricted a while back and after that i stopped being "toxic" for as much as i can.. but recently a rengar failed gank lv2 with our top lane and decided to go afk... i was playing akali vs kat and was already having a hard time (im silver :P). but i dont really see where i should be banned??? freedom of speech lmao.. Game 1 Pre-Game Crockito: same gp? Crockito: kat Crockito: :D Crockito: ohh u meant cait.. i thought katarina Crockito: my ult In-Game Crockito: kat couters me so much Crockito: ffs Crockito: gp can we swap lanes? Crockito: ty man Crockito: my shroud is useless infront of kat Crockito: Ffs Crockito: why is he top Crockito: jesus Crockito: report rengar afk pls Crockito: guys# Crockito: what do u think Crockito: winnable? Crockito: hopefully Crockito: ruining the game for the rest of us Crockito: too late now lmao Crockito: hes trolling Crockito: i cant fight kat Crockito: so rengar Crockito: ur getting banned :D Crockito: its ok Crockito: just get another acc. and start over Crockito: yes u are Crockito: lmao Crockito: well ure delusional Crockito: unlucky Crockito: u will Crockito: done it b4 Crockito: not perma Crockito: 2week Crockito: it does Crockito: just try Crockito: :D Crockito: me too Crockito: and? Crockito: lmao im not mad at anyone Crockito: i dont care about winning or losing Crockito: i just dont like ur attitude Crockito: how so Crockito: flame? Crockito: quote me Crockito: if u cant then mute Crockito: :D Crockito: keep talking Crockito: nobody cares Crockito: quite frankly Crockito: comeback? Crockito: dont need to Crockito: i dont see it as a insult Crockito: therefore none needed Crockito: lmao Crockito: ure so self righteous its actually funny Crockito: :D Crockito: oki Crockito: enjoy ban still Crockito: u dont Crockito: search it up Crockito: lmao u dont Crockito: unluokcy Crockito: and Crockito: ur so innocent its curte Crockito: cute Crockito: kat rank? Crockito: 19cs Crockito: :D Crockito: lmao this rengar is so toxic Crockito: hes afk bcs gp didnt help him once Crockito: well... unfortunately im not that mad Crockito: im not even blaming u lol Crockito: i literally dont care about my stats Crockito: ur just presuming that everyone else in this entire world is ignorant lil ... like u Crockito: ik im 0 9 but pls rep rengar ty Crockito: this game makes me more mad than any other Crockito: gg Post-Game Crockito: report rengar ty Crockito: wont see u in 2weeks rengo Crockito: :P Game 2 Pre-Game Crockito: who counhters lb Crockito: who adc Crockito: i chose irelia Crockito: xd In-Game Crockito: how to counter play lb? Crockito: pls tell me Crockito: perfect champ pre6 post 6 Crockito: you see what i mean? Crockito: such a op champ Crockito: but still. lb so broken Crockito: no counter play Crockito: stun, dmg, mobility, bs passive, low cd ult Crockito: and idk why nobody is nerfing her Crockito: nerfed akali to the ground Crockito: but not lb huh Crockito: wtf was that Crockito: legit bs Crockito: im so sorry guys Crockito: but i just cant play againts this idiot of a champ Crockito: with a fed lb would be unfair on tryn? Crockito: after 25m she useless Crockito: the thing is... she can engage then disengage instantly.... when i engage she just use her w Crockito: then she just pokes the crap and i lose farm Crockito: fkin tower dive Crockito: i didnt even push Crockito: perma ban lb coming up Crockito: its not like im trying to int lol Crockito: its just simply i cant play againts her Crockito: nothing wrong with that Crockito: dont mention Crockito: that Crockito: it didnt happen Crockito: i thought u wouldve followed Crockito: i had ult up Crockito: ez mf ult wouldve killed them when theyre trapped in my ult Crockito: dude Crockito: stop Crockito: go agead Crockito: ahead Crockito: lol Crockito: report me Crockito: idc Crockito: ik Crockito: so are u Crockito: u too Crockito: gg Crockito: wp Game 3 Pre-Game Crockito: can i mid or top?? Crockito: i never played jungle before Crockito: ;(.. i dont know how to jungle lmao Crockito: oh rlly? Crockito: ty b ro Crockito: yeye Crockito: thanks Crockito: just saved me from a game of distress xdddd In-Game Crockito: u2 Crockito: syndra Crockito: # Crockito: hate ur cc Crockito: xd Crockito: it can even block my ult Crockito: if it didnt i wouldve won fight :P Crockito: im going to roam Crockito: a bit Crockito: look out Crockito: ok Crockito: the range is far too big man Crockito: dude Crockito: first time againts a syndra Crockito: idk what her abilities are Crockito: lmao Crockito: ff if u dont like Crockito: even after in shroud Crockito: nice Crockito: and? Crockito: had enough? Crockito: cool Crockito: and ur reported :D Crockito: for flaming and negative attitude Crockito: oof Crockito: For what Crockito: toxic? Crockito: Pls quote me Crockito: where am i toxic lmao Crockito: "if u want" Crockito: dont quote bits Crockito: i said "u can ff if u want" Crockito: LMAO Crockito: please report vayne.... Crockito: ty
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