Can this really be allowed to happen in League, should we allow someone like this to continue?

Dear Riot There was a player who I was against in a match. He was being camped so he started abusing our top laner and jungler. Thats reasonably normal so I paid no attention but then he dropped the "gay" bomb. He started calling kha, myself and ryze all gay. When I asked his age, I know this is somewhat against the rules but if he was younger and immature I would have been less offended, he simply replied with continuing to shower me with abuse. I was getting a bit angry at this point and I said to him that it was an instaban for homophobic language but he continued to call people "gay" and then said he would report me and Kha. After putting up with a whole game of this, in the the lobby after the game he had the nerve to claim he was an admin. Pretending to be an admin is a taboo in League and I decided that just reporting him would not be enough. So I created this page. I will attach two images to this thread, one is a print screen of him saying he is an admin the other one (sorry for the bad quality, it was taken from my phone) is him using "gay" as an offensive term. Can this really be allowed in a League of Legends community, homophobia and impersonating an admin. Sorry to place this on the boards but I felt I needed to bring attention to this massive break in the code of conduct for League of Legends. The reason I posted this thread was because of the impersonating being an admin. He said that because he was an admin that he could say what he wanted and wouldn't be banned. Sure he was being toxic but I posted on here for impersonation. Here are the two links with names censored apart from my own:
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