BANNED? for what?

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i played a game as fiora, i played with two seemingly toxic players, a thresh and a lee sin. my score was pretty bad, i'll admit, i was something around 5/11, but that's not a reason for me to be banned. i reported the lee and thresh for being very toxic, lee called me %%%%%%ed and thresh told me to kill myself. they also said they'd report me for being "toxic", and i really do not recall being toxic at any stage in the game. i don't understand why i got banned instead of them, they tried playing the victim and apparently it worked for them. i'll see if i can get the chatlogs to prove to you all that i was not toxic edit: i left the toxic players' names anonymous because i am not trying to target them, i am just trying to figure out why i was banned. another edit: i got the chatlogs. here they are. Game 1 Pre-Game TheMightyLamp: ur mom despacito In-Game TheMightyLamp: 180 ping is fun TheMightyLamp: why though TheMightyLamp: why did he ignite TheMightyLamp: also said %%% in champ select TheMightyLamp: being a champ with 0 mana, two stuns and 5 abilities at the third level is fun TheMightyLamp: riven no r ignite flash TheMightyLamp: I HAVE NO MANA FFS TheMightyLamp: this thresh is literally trolling to try and piss us off TheMightyLamp: little does he know "%%%" is a trigger word and he's gonna get banned for it TheMightyLamp: kaisa is supp lol TheMightyLamp: wow you have a supp[ort TheMightyLamp: i have a ksing troll that does his best to tilt his team TheMightyLamp: you let me hit my vitals though TheMightyLamp: shoulda gone close to a wall bud TheMightyLamp: that 2 TheMightyLamp: why the %%%% didn't i get the healing TheMightyLamp: what TheMightyLamp: not my faault this shit champ has 0 cc TheMightyLamp: unless i dodge something with a 0.5 second parry TheMightyLamp: you jumped into 5 people TheMightyLamp: with 1 tank item TheMightyLamp: why did i even pick this champ TheMightyLamp: should've went renekton TheMightyLamp: holy shit this lee TheMightyLamp: you had r TheMightyLamp: and you had w TheMightyLamp: you used neither TheMightyLamp: hi there TheMightyLamp: kuss TheMightyLamp: ff TheMightyLamp: ff TheMightyLamp: ff TheMightyLamp: nice TheMightyLamp: gj TheMightyLamp: ggs TheMightyLamp: ye we won TheMightyLamp: game over TheMightyLamp: k nvm TheMightyLamp: why the %%%% does vel do 400 dmg and cc with the same ability TheMightyLamp: 400 true dmg TheMightyLamp: i see now TheMightyLamp: he did it again TheMightyLamp: you don't go into a team of 5 people TheMightyLamp: where 3 of them have cc TheMightyLamp: YES KAI'SA TheMightyLamp: POGGERS TheMightyLamp: HOL;Y TheMightyLamp: CXD TheMightyLamp: from 5/5 yto 9/6 lol TheMightyLamp: lemme split top TheMightyLamp: why does udyr only have 2 items though TheMightyLamp: that's my question TheMightyLamp: i got 3 TheMightyLamp: 1v1 me TheMightyLamp: exec and caulfields TheMightyLamp: hey i said 1v1 TheMightyLamp: cheater TheMightyLamp: my cs is shit TheMightyLamp: this is norms stop tryhardnig TheMightyLamp: oh please TheMightyLamp: lee TheMightyLamp: you're the one that went into 5 people solo TWICE TheMightyLamp: and your excuse was "%%%%ING CC" TheMightyLamp: how am i dumb though TheMightyLamp: you can't kick if ur cc'd TheMightyLamp: L;OL ZED TheMightyLamp: report me for what TheMightyLamp: how about report thresh and lee for flaming TheMightyLamp: that's better TheMightyLamp: lee called me a %%%%%%ed and thresh told me to kill myself TheMightyLamp: what am i gonna get banned for? TheMightyLamp: second of all? TheMightyLamp: how though TheMightyLamp: give me a single sentence TheMightyLamp: i said TheMightyLamp: where i flamed you TheMightyLamp: i'll wait TheMightyLamp: ggs TheMightyLamp: x9 thresh lee flaming plz TheMightyLamp: they're trying to play the victim TheMightyLamp: after calling me %%%%%%ed etc TheMightyLamp: ggs Game 2 Pre-Game TheMightyLamp: ur mom despacito TheMightyLamp: ur granny tranny TheMightyLamp: who should i play vs. yi TheMightyLamp: boring TheMightyLamp: and TheMightyLamp: useless TheMightyLamp: y u bully me TheMightyLamp: im g4 TheMightyLamp: ur g5 TheMightyLamp: ur TheMightyLamp: unranked In-Game TheMightyLamp: think i can fight him lvl 2 TheMightyLamp: def canb TheMightyLamp: can TheMightyLamp: syndra TheMightyLamp: when u hit lvl 3 TheMightyLamp: i come mid TheMightyLamp: and u combo ahri TheMightyLamp: tons of dmg TheMightyLamp: ty TheMightyLamp: %%%%% tf u pinging TheMightyLamp: why did u flzsh ;ol TheMightyLamp: flash TheMightyLamp: ? TheMightyLamp: LOL TheMightyLamp: IS THIS GNAR SERIOUS TheMightyLamp: "udyr" TheMightyLamp: "i go feed" TheMightyLamp: "u ks me" TheMightyLamp: "go afk or i go troll" TheMightyLamp: kk TheMightyLamp: good luck TheMightyLamp: dpesacito 7 TheMightyLamp: despacito 69 TheMightyLamp: ur mom has despacito TheMightyLamp: come TheMightyLamp: bot TheMightyLamp: come anut TheMightyLamp: naut TheMightyLamp: hi TheMightyLamp: see who's laughing now mr. gnar TheMightyLamp: im f e d TheMightyLamp: noo TheMightyLamp: weeb TheMightyLamp: i prefer an anime watching bamboo TheMightyLamp: baboom TheMightyLamp: whatever TheMightyLamp: the word is TheMightyLamp: think it's bamboo TheMightyLamp: run TheMightyLamp: shut TheMightyLamp: the TheMightyLamp: %%%% TheMightyLamp: up TheMightyLamp: im TheMightyLamp: poushing TheMightyLamp: for u TheMightyLamp: yikes ganr and syndra are toxic af TheMightyLamp: can we x9 syndra and gnar plz TheMightyLamp: toxic as hell TheMightyLamp: now they're just trolling TheMightyLamp: and trying to tilt me by taking my jg camps TheMightyLamp: come sion TheMightyLamp: kill gnar TheMightyLamp: ahri TheMightyLamp: favor plz TheMightyLamp: come to blue TheMightyLamp: and deal with this troll for me? TheMightyLamp: ty yi TheMightyLamp: come take blue TheMightyLamp: oh u died TheMightyLamp: riop TheMightyLamp: h TheMightyLamp: /all TheMightyLamp: die weeb TheMightyLamp: wp yi TheMightyLamp: uh TheMightyLamp: sure TheMightyLamp: /all TheMightyLamp: yes they r TheMightyLamp: ' TheMightyLamp: i split top TheMightyLamp: i thought we were friends yi TheMightyLamp: i'm ending the peace TheMightyLamp: and im tryingharding now TheMightyLamp: ye u had 0 hp TheMightyLamp: naut woulda killed u TheMightyLamp: meanwhile gnar farms bot TheMightyLamp: and gives enemy team free inhib TheMightyLamp: jesus that dmg TheMightyLamp: 1k true dmg TheMightyLamp: oh now you don't surrender TheMightyLamp: 1v1v me sion TheMightyLamp: mf go away TheMightyLamp: no r yi TheMightyLamp: kill him TheMightyLamp: baron TheMightyLamp: baron TheMightyLamp: we destroy it TheMightyLamp: go Post-Game TheMightyLamp: x9 gnar syndra troll flame plz ty (also some other games where i was "toxic" apparently)
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