My thoughts about Toxicity and smurfs (FakerFaker08)

I Just wanna make some realtalk here. So 20min ago i played a League game. Nothing Special until now. I have to say first that i played on my 2 Account, cause my PC isnt working and im playing now on a labtop. If u wanna judge me, cause im playing on a "smurf", do it i dont care. If u wanna call me a **** for doing that, u can leave now. So i played this game pretty poorly, and the toxicity started after 30sec , cause my Ashe called our Garen a ret**** cause he was playing Garen Support (my account is lvl8 ). i dont wanna Get too much into the deatails , and after the Game finished, I reported the players, who were even further beyond Tyler1`s toxicity (maybe not, i never watched him). I started writing and i wrote soo much, that it didnt fit, so i broke it down to the most important things and now im here writing my thoughts (in Germany we call it "Lange rede, kurzer Sinn") so lets start. NOTE: I`m not writing this , because i am offended, rather because i want more players to enjoy and start playing league, without flamers, and maybe giving rito some feedback, or maybe they`ll never see this, i don´t know Lets start: Imagine this scenario, u just started playing leauge,maybe your barley lvl 10, and in the champion rotation, theres that champion that you always wanted to play what do you do? You go play a normal with that champion ( maybe do a Bot-Game before to check the abilities and stuff). If you are not playing a champ like garen you will probably feed or do poorly. And then the flame starts somone say "report J4", " Hahahahah your so bad ", " uninstall leauge pls" or "go kill yourself". Most players would stop playing, because THIS will happen more often. There are some players who are really offended by that. Or somone is depressive, had a bad day and the little secntence will push him to do suicide. I mean its really constructed and unlikely, but this could happen to your 0/7 support annie. I always asked myself , why the people are SO more toxic in lowelo and -levels. The enemy Renekton from this game gave me the answer, and its so simple that i wonder why i didnt thought about it earlier. " Because nobody cares". And i mean he is right. If you are A Plat I player and you have for example an second Bronze III and an third lvl17 account. WHO THE F*CK Cares if it gets banned? Nobody because you still have your Plat I Account, which is untouched. And i personally think this is the Key problem with Toxycity in low levels/elo. Maybe i am just telling complete Bulls*hit, if yes then tell me which is the Problem, and i dont wanna hear " ahh the league commiunity is full of douchebags", cause there are a lot of really nice peaople that i met here in the forum, and you guys probably did too. I hope you guys could get my point, despite my terrible englisch. tl;dr Nobody cares about his smurf Accounts ---> More toxicity in low elo/levels To finish i want to thank YOU for wasting your time in reading my post, i worked really hard on it. I mean 15min of my life that ill never get back. Spaß bei Scherz. Another thank you and i hope ill see you on my next post, if you really wanna waste more of your time. C Y A
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