LoL Players on Reddit are delusional

I have seen a few times people saying that in Reddit they do nothing but kiss Riot's ass, well recently I posted and guess what: "Dude stop %%%%%ing and moaning Garen needed the buffs, he is fine as he is now It's normal for him to do that much damage" I once posted something that happened to me in Game/ I was Sylas Mid 6/0 in lane against 0/6 Mordekaiser ( I was destroying him) then Mordekaiser comes back after his 6th death with {{item:3136}} and he is level 7, I had {{item:3285}} {{item:3020}} {{item:1052}} {{item:1028}} and Mordekaiser just Ulted me, I dodged his E and Q, hit all my skillshots but still lost the 1v1 in his realm because he auto attacked me 3 times his passive activated + Conqueror, GG balance in S9 where you just need the right champion to scale even If you suck and have no skills... Reddit: "You clearly misplayed, You didn't respect his Conqueror and you didn't build against him tanky" Because as we all know when we go 6/0 against Mordekaiser as damage oriented champion we always build defensive items and I'm so bad for not respecting 0/6's Conqueror that probably dealt maximum 150 damage at all(nothing personal this rune sucks, useless until after level 20) I cannot stand people on Reddit, on the front page there are only some praises for Riot or some similar shit that is almost non-relevant to the game...
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