Sorry for my little brother his behaviour in previous games !

Hi im Adam , i played lol like one year ago on this account i gave it to my little brother because of school purposes Im now older and i want to play lol again on this account Is there anything i can do to get this account back !? This is the reason the account got banned : Game 1 In-Game C63 Adam: can we pressure this drake pls C63 Adam: go C63 Adam: bot C63 Adam: omg C63 Adam: what is this champ C63 Adam: gg btw C63 Adam: ok played that bad C63 Adam: 0/3 C63 Adam: u can stfu already C63 Adam: lmao C63 Adam: ok C63 Adam: do you see C63 Adam: me cry C63 Adam: got ganked C63 Adam: 3 times C63 Adam: aswell C63 Adam: we have to deal with this garbage team C63 Adam: %%% C63 Adam: ggwp C63 Adam: go %%% C63 Adam: ur %%%%ing garbage C63 Adam: cya guys

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