Suggestion for Riot

Before reading the following, please do so with a grain of salt. As we all already know, toxicity in this community is quite the problem alongside trollers/afkers and intentional feeders. A lot of people love to say "mute the person" when it comes to flaming but who are we kidding, most players forget it even exists let alone use it, and for inters/trollers the system barely catches them. Lets be honest, the report/punishment system is completely flawed and has too many loopholes. So what I suggest the system should implement is that for flamers, instead of dishing out account bans/perma bans, why not simply give them a chat restriction when deemed toxic. For example if a person is a toxic flamer (yes toxicity has a lot of categories, but in this case just for flaming) for 3 games in a row (can change to 2 or 1 depending on how toxic the flame was), dish out a 15 game chat restriction, 2nd infraction afterwards is 25 game chat restriction, now for the 3rd infraction, instead of dishing out a 2 week account ban (which doesn't solve the problem as they will simply flame after 2 weeks in ways they don't get caught) why not simply provide a perma chat bat which means no more flame. For the trollers and inters you can dish out account bans as they do affect games a lot more especially in ranked. IF someone flames and is trolling, then ban their accounts for 2 weeks then perma. My point is, for flamers sometimes people don't wanna use the mute button and can be solved easily by giving them chat restriction, if they don't fix up then give them a perma chat restriction. If they then troll or do so while they are restricted then they can be move to an account ban then to perma ban. No point giving a account ban to someone who cant stop typing or control their temper. So remember this is just a suggestion (may be a crappy one but it is mine) - Yours truly, a player who wants a better community
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