This HAS to stop.

> _-------------------: stop sucking dick u dont deserve this elo > -------------------: typical female gamer that got boosted because she gave him a bj xDDDDD > ------------------: how many cocks did you take at once to get to gold 5? > ------------------: are you elo boosted? it's not flame, just a question > Miss Milla: I wasn't. > ------------------: not graves bad > ------------------: ur bad too > Miss Milla: alright? > -------------------: just stop the elo boosting plz_ __________________________________________ Alright, so this happened today. I queued up for ranked with good expectations seeing as i got into a 4 premade team. Everything seemed fine until we got into the game where they all started harassing me because I'm a female player. I died once and all of them started chanting ''BOOSTED'' blablabla. I mean sure, it's funny the first few minutes.. but when they started attacking me on a personal level - that's where it's not fun at all. I blurred their names out because i don't want them to be found and given more attention honestly. I just wanted to show you some of the awful things they told me in the lobby afterwards. There are obviously more threats and insults, but i didn't get to copy those. I'm so tired of people getting away with trash talking others, getting just a pety warning. I'm not a crybaby; i can take some flaming.. but today.. it was just too much.
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