Player bans

Hi ! I'm sure everyone here has experienced this at least once, sadly : one player goes inting or full troll, and when you tell him that he'll get reported/banned, he just says "oh i don't care i have X accounts" or he says that he already has been banned quite a few times. So I'm wondering, why doesn't Riot create IP-bans ? I mean, if a player behaves bad enough to be permanently banned, I really doubt he(ll learn how to be a nice player again. These players are extremely toxic to the game's community and I think they don't deserve to play the game. 14-days bans or non-definitive bans are sufficient (i think) warnings to tell these people "Hey, you're going too far here, respect the Summoner's Code for the sake of all", so I account-bans should become IP-bans. Tell me your thoughts !
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