Ban for feeding in just one game ??

I got a 14-day ban for intentionally feeding in just one game ? what why ?, at first I didn't really care but I just realized that even after the suspension is over I can't get free loot, and my 600+ honours were reset !!! and just because of one game ONE GAME, why isn't 14 day ban enough ? and the worst thing is I didn't even mean to intentionally feed the enemy, I was letting myself die in the dragon bit and then the enemy used this chance and started killing me, and then they report me WTF, they didn't even kill me that much, it was like 3 or 4 times and because of that I get 14 day ban ? AND no free loot for like 3 months ? AND a reset to my honours ?, I don't understand the reset one why though ? this was also a normal game, not ranked, and here is the game, I counted how many times I actually intentionally fed the enemy its 6, I got 3 deaths before starting to feed, 4 deaths on dragon 3 on herald and 2 under a turret, and 4 of those were for blitz, so I almost didn't affect the game at all more than an afk would, I deserve a ban I know but a 14 day ban AND 3 months without loot is way too much for just what I did here is proof that I only fed in just one game
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