Can Riot please introduce a properly balanced matchmaking system to Leauge of Legends?

I genuinley want to see Riot put everything else on the back burner until they implement a matchmaking system that is actually fair. Some of you will be wondering what I'm talking about, well it's simple, i ranked you usually are put against people that are a division above or below you, that's acceptable. But in normal's you can be a silver with a gold on your team and the enemy could end up with plat's, is that fair? In all honesty, it's not. A solution to this is so simple it's actually amazing Riot haven't properly created and impleneted it yet. Let me put the simple system down in Code Design: When Player Join Group; Is Group Total 2 or more? If No * If Yes > Check Highest division in Group (Unraked, Bronze, SIlver, Gold, Plat, Dia, Master, Challenger); Check Lowest Division in Group (Unraked, Bronze, SIlver, Gold, Plat, Dia, Master, Challenger); Average Division in Group = (Unraked, Bronze, SIlver, Gold, Plat, Dia, Master, Challenger); Check Player Division (Unraked, Bronze, SIlver, Gold, Plat, Dia, Master, Challenger); If Player Division = 2 or More Divisions Higher than Average Display Message: ("A player that is 2 or more division's higher than you is trying to join, if you let them then you will be placed against people 1 or 2 divison's higher than average group division.") > Did Group Vote to allow Player to join: Y or N > If Y = ! If N = Display Message ("You're Division was decided to be too high by the group and you have not been allowed to join") If Player Division = 1 Division Higher than Average > ! Allow Player to Join & Display Message to Group: (" The newest member's divison is higher than the group Average, so you will be put against opponent's 1 Division Higher than the group average") If Player Division = Equal to Average > * Player Succesfuly Joined Group There you go, simple coding in the most basic of english form's. Key: > Means, go to until next Question. ! Jump to line * Jump to line : & = Both mean Equals. Please note, this is pretty much copied from this post, , which is my own and was primaly fuelled by that matchmaking failure's of flex queue.

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