I just want to say good job riot.

I remember season 3 were you had 1 ragequit every 10 games and someone standing in the fountain or treatening to leaven atleast 1/5. Now the last ragequit is atleast 30 games ago(you still have your random dcs for some min but shit happens). EUW was often full ar really laggy and you had to mute everyone one by the 10 min mark or you would be in a huge flame war. Now server is stable, blindpick and teambuilder are almost flame free, ranked has gotten A LOT better . Only really toxic place left is draftpick. Its like all the flamers gather there to let out there steam before going ranked. For me the solution was simple: just dont play drafted pick without atleast 2 other friends. Some of whitch who stopped playing before bexause it was to toxic but who are now enjoying league again. I also flame less myself because there are less people who started flaming at me or other players and get you worked up which you take to your nextgame. So to sum up ; the chatrestictions work and made the game more fun, keep up the good work.
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