Banning Teammates champion

Often i found myself in a situation where in a rank game one of my teammates banned the champion that i declared i want to play with and that got me mad!! just because your temmate dosen t like your choise it dosen t mean it s right for him to ban your champion! Many players that want to play like a teemo top instead of a tank or like lux support gets their champion banned by their own teammates! That is not fair! I think after you declared that u want to play that champion your team should not be allowed to ban your champion ( the enemy team , that is different). This can help many players! Every time i get my champion banned i get so mad that i have thoughts about feeding or let the player who banned my champion to die in team fights, but i realised that there were others in that team that didn t deserved to lose because i was mad! This is a problem that i hope it will be fixed soon;)
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