Honor Level should matter!

I hear often that people quit the game because of the toxic community and thats bad, because the people who leave are often friendly and the ones who stay become toxic themselves. I think this could be fixed if they worked a bit on the Honor Level and made it mroe than just a cosmetic. I would love to see something like a ''Karma System'' which works like that: 1. Every player who created an Account starts out with 0 Karma. 2. Honors makes your Karma go up and Reports lower it. 3. Give the option to honor more than one player and even the enemies. (Thats just fair if there were more than 1 player you enjoyed playing with) 4. Different kinds of honors and reports have different value. 5. Players can choose more than 1 kinds of honor for a single player. (That way you will not only be rewarded for f.e. being friendly or doing well, but for both if the player thinks you deserve it) 6. If a player has low Karma his reports count less. (Toxic people love to report for no reason) 7. Your Karma only changes when youve been honored or reported in a Ranked Game. (Because Normals are a place where people test stuff and play for fun and they shouldnt get punished for performing badly because of it) 8. If you queue for a game you get matched with players close to your Karma (Only for Ranked). Please comment if you think there should be something else added or removed from what I said. (Sorry for my bad english <3)
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