IFS - incredible %%%%up system?

http://prntscr.com/p68z2a Been in a 4-man premade game with my buddies. We were messing around and calling each other names in the chat. My friend got a 14-day ban just because someone reported him for that even though you can tell he wasn't serious at all. His words are indeed offensive in a case where the writer MEANS what he writes, this was just a group of friends mocking each other and having fun! P.S. Mind you this IFS is the very reason most of the community is getting their permabans. This is decreasing the player base in a very unwanted way - permabanned players hop to a new account and troll harder than ever before, and they don't get banned for it! **ROFL** When they start a new account they also ruin the game for the newcomers so yeah, deep shit amirite? The measure for people who are flaming should just be a goddamn chat ban, it's that simple.. It would work I bet you! Extreme cases do deserve a perma but hey I guess we're all an extreme case since we're still picking up this game.. Cheers! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Update: He got a permaban because IFS got delayed and he managed to play an another game and we happened to do the same mocking game between us. Now this ain't fair because the 2 week ban is supposed to be a warning, he instead got 14 days for game #1 and perma for game #2 instantly! Update2: He's managed to down it to 14 days ban via support ticket! Yay!
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