10 game chat restriction

So I had 2 bad games in a row and got a 10 game chat restriction here are my logs, clearly you can tell by how I started the conversation I was flamed in both games in one game I was told to "get cancer and die", funny how in these logs riot doesn't provide what my team mates said: Game 1 KayleWillPrevail: top no ghost KayleWillPrevail: wow you die vs 3 so my fault? (self explainotory here my team mate died 1v3 and bblamed me) KayleWillPrevail: stfu (was flamed a few mins later) KayleWillPrevail: or i run it down mid KayleWillPrevail: open mid (I didn't run it down mid) KayleWillPrevail: im not flame KayleWillPrevail: they flame me so i said open mid KayleWillPrevail: only cause you flame me all game KayleWillPrevail: int cause all team flame KayleWillPrevail: flame+report KayleWillPrevail: Look he just flamed in all chat KayleWillPrevail: shut up retarrd jungler (hes the one flaming me the most) KayleWillPrevail: 0 objectives all game KayleWillPrevail: screenshotted KayleWillPrevail: straight to riot support KayleWillPrevail: not your mon though KayleWillPrevail: and rekasi 0 drakes KayleWillPrevail: 0 objecticves KayleWillPrevail: blame all game KayleWillPrevail: and he got all the kills (ganked 2 times but intentionally stole the kills when i was behind) KayleWillPrevail: maybe bad game KayleWillPrevail: but no need to flame all game KayleWillPrevail: they told me to get cancer and die (and why weren't the banned for this I reported them too but didn't get an "assist") KayleWillPrevail: so everyone had bad games (this is what happeded) Game 2 KayleWillPrevail: warded KayleWillPrevail: actually you over stayed fiora (Again top laner won a 1v1 over stayed with no hp got ganked and died, then blames me) KayleWillPrevail: a KayleWillPrevail: useless adc (here adc blamed me, read below) KayleWillPrevail: clearly KayleWillPrevail: when i ganked she didnt auto attack once KayleWillPrevail: u sied 2v2 hows that my fault? (How is this my fault? I was top side my bot lane die 2v2) KayleWillPrevail: d KayleWillPrevail: what king of adc buys culling when behind? (Someone answer please) KayleWillPrevail: 1/4 bot lane but all my fault (clearrly you can tel lby how I'm speaking that I'm being flamed) KayleWillPrevail: stop crying KayleWillPrevail: 1/6 ali reported too KayleWillPrevail: what? KayleWillPrevail: i went back after baron KayleWillPrevail: and pushed bot KayleWillPrevail: didnt go jungle (in the 3 messages above my team lost a 4v5 when I went to save bot lane tower, they engaged first I clearly pinged them that I'm going to bot tower but didn't listen, the result was that it's my fault) KayleWillPrevail: 9x cait (salty adc flamed all game)
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