Premades in Ranked

I just have to ask.. **WHY** Riot, did you add, so people can queue as 4 people?! I play solo, I always do, and I usually play support. I have encountered so many that queue as 4 people, and guess who gets the blame for everything that goes wrong? Well.. the non-premade, of course! I have had many good experiences after the new select system came life, but this thing, where people can queue so many premades.. is really a buzzkill.. It was already horrible at 2 premades. It is obvious that when you queue with a friend or more, that the person who is not involved, will get shit on if things doesn't go the right way. And guess what it does, well, it ruins your mood. And when your mood is shit, everything else goes to shit. I understand many will go "FIGHT THE POWER FOR THE PREMADES!" - cause they queue as premades. But then, it needs to be a fix, where the premades doesn't shit all over the place. Ok, done with the QQ'ing. {{item:3070}}
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