Game 1 In-Game fr3akisback: forgot to change fr3akisback: he camp me fr3akisback: can you folow fr3akisback: you dont folow fr3akisback: kha zix you do nothing 10 mins fr3akisback: yi get 3 gans fr3akisback: 3 ganks fr3akisback: 3 0 cuz he take 3 kills in this fught fr3akisback: kha zixis bad fr3akisback: im done fr3akisback: again 3 fr3akisback: i pissed of fr3akisback: all game fr3akisback: tn x fr3akisback: no fr3akisback: you have my report fr3akisback: i get 5 ganks until 10 mins fr3akisback: and you farm all game fr3akisback: now lose fr3akisback: cuz you deserve fr3akisback: kha zix go afk fr3akisback: better fr3akisback: go afk fr3akisback: enjoy on your perma ban fr3akisback: pp fr3akisback: enjoy on your suspencion fr3akisback: and they stay and watching fr3akisback: i told you this kha zix fr3akisback: so bad fr3akisback: rep kha zix fr3akisback: we need to ff fr3akisback: look at this fr3akisback: just report him fr3akisback: yes i will rep him fr3akisback: gg poppy fr3akisback: farm on top fr3akisback: farm poppy farm fr3akisback: look at him fr3akisback: i get 10 ganks fr3akisback: what do you want from me fr3akisback: toxic fr3akisback: kid fr3akisback: i didnt say anything except yuour bad fr3akisback: your the toxic here and you have my report fr3akisback: come and finish this fr3akisback: i get 10 ganks fr3akisback: no fr3akisback: idc fr3akisback: yes rengar gg fr3akisback: report kha zix he say mother %%%%ers fr3akisback: i get 5 ganks till 8 mins fr3akisback: what do you want kid fr3akisback: i type in chat fr3akisback: how many times for help even i get 3 ss fr3akisback: you and kha zix lose the game fr3akisback: who cares fr3akisback: whjy dont push fr3akisback: \we back 2 f fr3akisback: we back fr3akisback: back door ? fr3akisback: bite thgem fr3akisback: fast fr3akisback: faaast fr3akisback: go go fr3akisback: dont stop fr3akisback: goo fr3akisback: you want to loose fr3akisback: the game fr3akisback: you kill the minions fr3akisback: explain me fr3akisback: what is your iq -0000 fr3akisback: 2019011010191 fr3akisback: nxesu fr3akisback: nexus fr3akisback: backk dorr fr3akisback: you can kill them both Post-Game fr3akisback: teemo carry you fr3akisback: LMAO and for this give me 14 days suspencion explain what wron or bad or toxic words did i say because obviously i dont understand why you gave me suspencion !!
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