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So, ive been playing this game for like 5 mos now and so far i like it. I mainly play support champs cause i dont trust my CSing and my csing is just bad. so here is what ive concluded so far, There are 3 types of Support , the defensive type of support ( nami, sona etc, so the one that heals) hard engage support( Thresh, Zyra) and for me, maybe just me the Hybrid ones like( Lux , morgana) when i was like lvl 17, i was partying with a friend thats high level than me, like 90 or something and he was training me how to deal with veteran players and got like Mastery 7 on my lux for under 45k points, And i like playing around and using off Meta supports like Lissandra, Swain and Ornn just to spice up things cause playing the same Champ in the same role gets boring too. and ive read somewhere "Support is one effortless role" and im like WHAT? Do you know how hard it is to keep your team mate alive?and sometimes to sacrifice your life to keep em alive? and like just try your best for them not to die? I just hope that people would just appreciate the support players more and people would have more patience for the new players. Peace
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