Wake up.

Riot wake the hell up man. The forums, Reddit, everything is full of people complaining about false bans. I dont know how many of them are true and how many aren't but I can assure you they aren't all right. I mean for the love of god you dont even give us any fucking proof jesus christ man... you cant just tell someone he did something wrong and not even tell WHAT... "3rd party program" What fucking program are you on about?? Overwolf? Razer Game booster? CurseVoice? Custom Skins? Wooxy? VPN? Gyazo? PornHub Plugin? LeagueSharp? (Kappa) Like honestly, that way too general for me to be able to believe you even found anything on my computer, as you obviously didnt. I have no idea what would be your reasoning behind false banning players, but something must've messed up. And dont tell me that "99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the bans are for a reason" because we all know thats a fucking lie and your little detection program probably messed something up. By the way, wheres the tribunal? Also, respond to your goddamn support tickets for the love of god even Valve replys faster than you. Peace.
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