Blaming flaming even for champ

I picked {{champion:12}} and is a good pick..but my ad picks ez and he expects me to do evrything..we all know ezreal is kinda useless early cuz his dmg is bad as hell and all he can do is q.OK HE BLAMEs like hell.Midlane the same "support lost it he picked alistar".But orianna mid gets destroyed...jgl the same..doesnt gank 1 lane he just...afk or something like a bronze5. IDC but the fuick sake can we ban this idiots ???I mean you reach d5 plat etc..and you still blame others even if im not the one who lost the game??Mid feeds jgl afk ez all we can do is just to wait him scale and still "noob support" etc etc... Flame is 1 and i agree to ban...but should ban this idiots too no???????The blame that i eat evry game that i dont succed to carry is huge...always blame someone else not yourself this is what this idiots doing.. I cant stand no more to this attitude when you get even p1+even more..
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