I am really really REALLY done with afk's...

seriously, I just don't freaking understand why afk punishments are so damn soft. You just get away with 5, 10 or 20 minute queue. The whole freaking game is ruined when someone afk's, especially when u are doing ur best to carry the game or waiting till lategame. Ive been having afk teammates for lots of games now and it makes me think like it's a normal thing to do now, since the punishment is just so soft. In fact, I am so happy when I can wait for 20 minutes before I get into a ranked game, because then I can just chillout, eat something and when the game starts, I am up and ready. The lower priority doesn't feel like a punishment to me, but an extra holiday right before the game starts. Punishments for afk should be stricter, I don't freakin care if u disconnect because of lags or whatever. Then stop playing on a potato modem and fix your damn internet before u start to play an ONLINE game.. yes, league if an ONLINE game, with the requirement that your NETWORK works properly. I understand if it happens in 1 game. But when this shit happens in like 5 or 6 games in a row, then something is completely wrong. How can I keep my cool in games like these?
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