I just received a 14-day ban over 1 a game chatlog, for something I wrote in Danish

UPDATE 2: Through support it has been confirmed that the ban cannot be lifted. UPDATE: I just received a mail informing me of the opening and closing of a separate ticket, informing me that apparently the summoner name "Nuclear Fetus" is against Riots Terms of Use. I am not sure in what way though, is it simply for including the word "Fetus"? I don't even know if "Nuclear Fetus" bears any meaning, it simply sounded cool. Seems quite weird to me. Would summoner names like "Quantum Kitten", "Fission Puppy", "Fusion Toddler" or "Whatever Baby" also be deemed offensive? [Screenshot of the ticket](https://i.imgur.com/vljBgoh.png) I guess I got autobanned from the phrase "%%% %%% til dig også :*" which literally translates to "kisses to you too :* (kissing smiley)". I played with a danish friend who had a bad game, and a player on our team told him "%%%" (kill yourself) in chat. We have always found it funny how "%%%" in Danish is something as lighthearted as "kiss", and then I wrote the above mentioned comment, trying to make a little something my friend and I could laugh at. I mean, answering a "%%%" message with kisses seems like the appropriate response. Fair enough, I guess I should keep inside jokes out of the public chat, especially when it comes to an expression as strong as "%%%". However, I think it is a little harsh to receive a 14-day ban over this, especially because I generally try to be very positive. I have a hard time believing that there are chatlogs of mine which would warrant _any_ duration ban, maybe with the exception of some ARAMs with, again, Danish friends. Would it be possible to get a comment on this? Is the ban really deserved, and should I just have kept my lighthearted Danish joke, which granted _can_ be misunderstood, to myself?
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