Unfair chat ban?

So i recently got slapped with a 25 game chat restriction, and this was the ONLY game listed. I will paste the logs below and put in brackets the context, so we're all on the same page. Game 1 Rhymàr: wtf is this botlane (We had a teemo and trynd bot and i jokingly said this) Rhymàr: lol Rhymàr: not rly Rhymàr: They aren't really trolling (A teammate said to report bot) Rhymàr: and jax Rhymàr: lol Rhymàr: TEEMO Rhymàr: .. Rhymàr: reported Rhymàr: report shen (We had an afk) Rhymàr: for afk Rhymàr: k Rhymàr: inting (By this point he was something like 1/7, so i thought he was inting) Rhymàr: dont flame people in normals (People flaming in the chat, mainly at me and botlane) Rhymàr: lesson Rhymàr: "%%% man" (This is what shen said to me) Rhymàr: u deserve it (After shen died, i said u deserved it) Rhymàr: LOL that yi <3 (Yi did something really weird) Rhymàr: now trynd is trolling (Trynd running around the map stealing my camps) Rhymàr: shen u legit have 1 less death than me (Shen said to report ME for inting!) Rhymàr: LOL Rhymàr: . Rhymàr: %%%%%ch (Okay this one is kinda toxic, but it was only a joke! The enemy's took it as a joke too, so there was no issue) Rhymàr: wow report shen inting Rhymàr: oh no 12 year old called me a loser (Shen now calling me a loser...) Rhymàr: whatever will i do Rhymàr: ima go cry in a corne rnow Rhymàr: surrender Rhymàr: and i gift u skin# Rhymàr: k lol Rhymàr: wow report shen trolling he didnt ult me what a troll ban this player for throw game pls (Another joke mocking shen's attitude and mentality) Rhymàr: ez (Just something i said in team chat after we won a teamfight) Rhymàr: who hasnt voted Rhymàr: wow Rhymàr: i int now (I jokingly pointed out that missplayed, and most the team besides shen ofc got it was a joke, as the said xD) Rhymàr: end game fast Rhymàr: oh dear Rhymàr: i didnt see that one coming Rhymàr: you played that very well malphite (Their malphite caught me out with an ulti) Rhymàr: wow good job teammates! (Our team scored a double kill) Rhymàr: look at this toxic kid ( Shen thought i was being sarcastic...) Rhymàr: flaming me for saying good job Rhymàr: Please talk in english on the euw servers, it says you must on the guidelines! (Shen said something with completely wrong spelling and grammar) Rhymàr: oh man Rhymàr: they really caught me out there (Thresh hook D:) Rhymàr: well played guys Rhymàr: dang Rhymàr: what a missplay (We lost a team fight, which i took responsibility for) Rhymàr: my bad guys Rhymàr: wont happen again Rhymàr: pls report shen afk (Shen goes afk near the end) Rhymàr: he threw this game (Again, a little toxic but no verbal abuse or attacks) Rhymàr: akali have only 1 less death than me (They said report me for feeding, but our akali had only 1 less death than I did. I suspect premade?) Rhymàr: why report me
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