Flamed for one game, got permanently banned.

First sentence is a reaction to Leona who said "we are in elo-hell". Game 1 In-Game iMissQaIot: elo hell? iMissQaIot: i have 22/20 wins on vi, got sick of it thought i try twitch ;d iMissQaIot: wp iMissQaIot: 4 times? that wolf must rly love u riven iMissQaIot: ;d iMissQaIot: did u iMissQaIot: see that iMissQaIot: bro... iMissQaIot: I aa + e iMissQaIot: wasnt enough iMissQaIot: np tho we late iMissQaIot: cant iMissQaIot: help it iMissQaIot: when our botlane is afk xd iMissQaIot: 100 pings bro iMissQaIot: wake up iMissQaIot: Follow. dont just ping iMissQaIot: follow iMissQaIot: how the fk did I suddenly end up with you morons... wtf iMissQaIot: last 22 games i won 20 xd iMissQaIot: yes thnx iMissQaIot: see iMissQaIot: thresh iMissQaIot: instant iMissQaIot: reaction iMissQaIot: our botlane? sleep iMissQaIot: just ff this one iMissQaIot: wauw iMissQaIot: this team xd iMissQaIot: u dive him while he has countrstrke iMissQaIot: wtf r u doing xd iMissQaIot: nice support you got there iMissQaIot: map awareness xd iMissQaIot: ofc iMissQaIot: leona iMissQaIot: r u iMissQaIot: %%%%%%ed bro? iMissQaIot: that control ward is there since min 1 iMissQaIot: Who iMissQaIot: Leona, you %%%%%% iMissQaIot: leona you %%%%%%ed inbred, use your wards bro. It's for free. iMissQaIot: look at the vision score, you have lowest vision as a support. how? iMissQaIot: Leona has the lowest vision score, go figure xd iMissQaIot: cuz ur bronz iMissQaIot: thats why iMissQaIot: with that mindset you wuill always stay in bronz iMissQaIot: dont play ranked ok? iMissQaIot: yeye u2 iMissQaIot: bronzty iMissQaIot: im smurfing hehe iMissQaIot: Dont believe? iMissQaIot: i thought you muted me? iMissQaIot: yeah happens when you feed every1 xd iMissQaIot: look history hehe, 92+% win rating in ranked vi iMissQaIot: bg iMissQaIot: report leona iMissQaIot: leona Post-Game iMissQaIot: leona reported iMissQaIot: worst support ive seen in 23 games iMissQaIot: lowest vision score, never follows thresh iMissQaIot: stay in bronz forever mate Normally I'm the one who is Always positive, making jokes to cool people down when they argue with eachother. And because of this positive mind-set, I won 20 out of 22(or 23) games with Vi, went from B4 to S2 within no time. Note that I used to be P2 on my main (in season 6) which is why kept bragging about being a smurf, cringy I know… But this game was something else… Everyone played like a complete %%%%%%, trying out champs(our irelia) in ranked for the first time, our botlane who had 0 map awareness while their bot had insane map awareness, flanking me in my own jungle while they kept farming etc. Thus I got angry, especially because of Leona. As a support, she had the lowest vision score throughout the entire game. So I called her a "%%%%%%ed inbred". And because of this one cuss word, they decide to permanently punish me? This account is 6, almost 7 years old. Had all champions, 70+ skins with some exclusive legacy skins as well, good memories etc. My friend who played as long as i do, got permanently banned for the same %%%king reason. Cussed a couple of games and voila! Perma-ban! It's almost as if League of Legends is being run by liberals. I play this game since season 2 and a few cuss words now and then did absolutely nothing back then. Because the CEO/Team were real men, they had some masculinity. Unlike the current anime-loving, libtard korean-gaypop team who does not tolerate ANY negativity whatsoever. PS: I posted this exact same thread on my perma banned account, the thread got insta-deleted and my account got suspended from the forums for 1 month. Talk about extreme control eh? (Note that perma banned accounts can still post on forums.) Ya gonna ban this account too Adolf Riotler? **Grow some balls Rito.** _RIP League Of Legends 2009 - 2015_
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