Honor "Crack Deals"

Well, just played my first game with this new honor system and already everyone is making crack deals with honor... "ILL GIVE YOU HONOR IF YOU GIVE ME HONOR!" Before the damn game even starts... Even if the other players did badly or whatever, they are getting honored regardless of what they did right or wrong... The only good thing about this was that these "crack deals" tend to make everyone "suck up" or get on everyone's good sides. I didn't see one ounce of Flaming or Toxicity from any one player (besides me off screen getting really annoyed at all of them asking for honor from everyone). They all actually seemed to be nice and support each other (which is a rare sight in EUW, from my new experience here). I guess ill just have to play more games and hope that the amount of people asking for honor goes away. Or riot makes it a reportable offense or something for people that keep hounding each other for honor..... This is just my experience so far and views on the matter, hopefully it makes the gameplay more enjoyable with less people being toxic in the long run.
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