why this afk player doesnt get banned? (3games rage quit)

so, a couple of days ago i was in a ranked game and guess what? my jungler died the 2nd time, and instantly rage quits. We lost the game cause 4vs5 is almost impossible to win, we all reported him, and i went checking his profile, he alredy had going afk on a previous game 5 days before, and today i checked him again and to my surprised, he was afk one more time! SO 3 RANKED GAMES THIS DUDE DIES AND RAGE QUITS, but he continues to play? for real? 12players had lost lp because of him and he can still play? why? did he spent a lot of money so he doesnt get permaban? 3 rage quits in a week, and he can still play? ranked solo/duo is full of this and riot needs to change the metod to punish players.
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