Can i get BANNED please?

Dear riot, im hoping someone can see this because i really need some help. For the 4th time in a row, ive finished my 75 chat restrictions, playing normally, ive tried my very best to not flame or be toxic, hell, i barely talk in my chat restrictions. I finally finished another 75 and then 3 games later, i get ANOTHER 75. I have NO IDEA WHY. I messaged your "Support" and was told (By a robot i assume) that tribunal is down and there is no more chat logs for anyone at all. How can i "Improve" my behavior when i have absolutely ZERO idea why im being given the restrictions? I get zero feedback, zero chatlogs, absolutely no indication of what i am doing wrong. Whereas in games i see people in all chat wishing cancer, being racist and they dont get banned. Hell, a guy i played with yesterday started chanting "White power" in all chat and then started talking about how "All Ni***rs should die" over and over again. 12 hours later, i get him AGAIN and in all chat AGAIN he is spamming racist bullshit. Yet, i get chat restrictions for some unknown reason? Obviously the ONLY way i can find out why im being chat restricted is just to be banned because according to support, you no longer have any access to chatlogs (If thats the case, how can you prove im saying anything negative in chat and its obviously based on reports which can be abused) So, either ban me for this abhorrant behaviour (Its gotta be bad if im onto 7 75 game restrictions) or someone from Riot PLEASE tell me what it is your system is considering im doing wrong?? (Riot Lyte, Please oh mighty smiter. We talked on reddit and you said any homophobia/racism would be instantly picked up and banned. Clearly, thats a lie, as players that racially abuse in chat still carry on playing)
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