Negative attitude around Builds.

Something that comes up very often whenever you play LoL is someone in the game judging another player for how bad their build is. It happens way to often and people don't seem to understand how to shut up and focus on winning rather than chatting. My most recent game, I had 2 (most likely) premades who constantly said I should build X item on Pyke cause Probuilds tell them that's the right item to build. But these idiots constantly chatted about that I should build X item cause Probuilds tells them that item is meant to be built, they don't know WHY it's meant to be built only that it SHOULD be built. But on the other hand some weeks ago, when Twisted Fate full ad mid was shown in esport, I had a player in my team who played Full AD TF mid, not cause it was his best pick, not cause it was a matchup, but cause he heard it from pros that it was good. But in this very game, we already were a full AD team while being against a Rammus. Don't freaking follow pro builds when the matchup is completely wrong! Then there's those who constantly spam pings and negativity on runes and builds cause THEY themselves NEVER build x Item. Like for ex, I always play Press the Attack with Cull on Urgot, cause for me I feel it's the best build. But every 3rd game I get that one guy who spam ping my cull and say "conquerer" is the rune. But no, It's freaking not. At least not for me, I played Press-the-attack to win trades and play cull for it has better Lifesteal than Doran's. Yet if I point this crap out, people will start saying "Conqurer is better in trades than press the attack is" even through it's not. EXTENDED TRADES, yes. But SHORT TRADES, no. And if I have gone this far arguing with them (probobly cause Im tilted) they would yell out a random freaking lie like "NO; Conqurer is better in short trades as well" without having any facts backing them up. This is were I basically gives up on life, mute them and stroll of in the distance. Simply enough, people can't shut up about impressing their opinion, when they shouldn't do such a thing. If you want to shit talk about someone build. Do it here on the forum, don't do it ingame when you should freaking focus on winning.
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